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in social media evolution

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evulo – the independent social media platform for companies and consumers.

Coded, designed and created in Germany.

When the guidelines change, we have the solution.

The innovative platform "evulo" is the answer to the development of the market. It enables direct social media contact between companies and consumers with the latest technology.

Consisting of a web-based tool, which companies can use to add content, start surveys and provide multimedia content, and an application for iPhone and Android devices for the customer, it covers all digital processes.


Do you want more background knowledge, more personal contact and increased loyalty to your product?

Do you want to like, comment, participate in surveys and to be notified when new content appears that would you would be really interested in?

Register now as a user right from the start.

Do you want to develop direct contact with your customers, let them see behind the scenes, embed your existing social media channels and analyze market trends?

Do you want even greater convenience thanks to a time-controlled tool, where you decide how frequently you want to publish your content? Do you want your subscribers to be able to follow in the app when new content appears and receive direct notifications?

Register as a company now, right from the start, and receive more information. Be a part of the evulo launch.

evulo – independent, innovative, fair. Invented and developed in Germany.

evulo coming soon...